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Why Your Superhero Road Warriors Need a Sidekick

Posted by Mike MacNair on Dec 4, 2014 4:40:00 PM
Travel_Management_sidekickMany travelers feel that they can make travel arrangements on their own outside of the company system just as well as the travel provider. Sure, making travel arrangements isn't difficult but by making these arrangements through a Travel Management Company they receive sidekicks (Batman has Robin and the Butler) that will help them defeat evil villains like Money-Waster, Time Cruncher, Plan Changer, Control Resister. Here are a few things they can do when they have such a sidekick that are good reminders of the benefits to them of working within your travel procurement system (Batman always did what was good for Gotham and him):
  • Leap tall supplier cancellations and changes with a single phone call. 
  • Leave you to do your job fighting villains versus the menial tasks of shopping for the right reservations, changing reservations, expensing reservations, and more. 
  • Jump into battle with someone covering your back and providing you with useful data to accomplish your task. 
  • Confirm your decisions making sure its good for you, Gotham, and the Butler.
  • Maintain your secret identity by making sure only the right people know who you are with data security control you can understand.
  • Ensure the data you need to fight your battle comes from every source in an unbiased fashion.
  • Get you upgraded when appropriate with the right cool tools and equipment like a bat car versus a compact.
  • Provide the right seats so that you are rested and ready to jump into battle.  

Even Batman needed Robin and the Butler - and they were always by his side when things went awry. Don’t be a Joker.