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Mobile Technologies for Travel Booking and Itinerary Management

Posted by Mike MacNair on Dec 1, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Mobile technology has revolutionized the way business travelers book and manage work-related trips. Mobile devices have made it convenient for travelers to check flight statuses, adjust schedules, generate online boarding passes, book hotels and arrange for rental cars on the fly. With over 500 free travel-related apps available on the Google Play Store, what is convenient for travelers can cause chaos for travel managers – unless mobile apps are addressed in your corporate travel policy.

New research from the Global Business Travel Association, states that some of the least popular activities for travelers include managing expenses and itineraries. In response, travel managers must create tougher travel policies to ensure travel and expense (T&E) budgets stay in line and remain compliant.

Most companies don’t require or recommend travel apps. Less than one-fifth of U.S. companies say their organization has specific apps they require business travelers to use. However, with more and more road warriors relying on mobile devices, travel managers must address how mobile technology will shape the business travel experience. Below are some important considerations for travel managers to be aware of, regarding how mobile technology will fit in with their corporate travel policy.

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