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13 Technologies and Tools That Will Impact Business Travel in 2016

Posted by Mike MacNair on Jan 7, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Each year, new technologies give business travelers additional options and added capabilities to manage their travel in an easier, more time-efficient manner. 2015 saw the rise of Uber and Lyft for business travelers, and apps like TripIt and TripCase compelled us to become even more dependent on mobile technology. For business’ road warriors, this is great news – the ability to minimize travel disruptions and complete their travel obligations more quickly keeps travelers happy, and business growing.

In the travel management business, we are always implementing the latest and greatest technology to keep our customers in a successful position to manage their travel. At times, the variety of available technology can be overwhelming. When we talk with our customers, our first questions incite leadership thinking…where are you right now, and where would you like to go with regard to your travel program? Through this comprehensive assessment, the best tools and technologies can be used and developed to meet each business’ individual needs.

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What Does a Great Travel Manager do to Evolve Your Travel Program?

Posted by Mike MacNair on Jan 4, 2016 3:00:00 PM

We’ve all worked with great managers, and depending on your business, they have specific qualities that make them great - excellent people skills, outstanding project management and a visionary way of thinking that motivates people to do their best, are just a few of the characteristics that make a great manager. In the corporate travel industry, travel managers are critical to the success of an organization’s travel program. The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) has this to say about the value of travel management, “Travel management is a specialized business function that balances employee needs with corporate goals, financial and otherwise. Travel management ensures cost tracking and control, facilitates adherence to corporate travel policies, realizes savings through negotiated discounts, and serves as a valuable information center for employees and managers in times when travel is not as smooth and carefree as it used to be.”

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10 Complexities of Campaign Travel Management & How They Apply to You

Posted by Mike MacNair on Aug 20, 2015 5:00:00 PM

One of the unique aspects at MacNair Travel Management is that we have been the travel management company for a presidential candidate in every campaign cycle since 1988.  As a result, we’ve seen first-hand the complexities of campaign travel management. Candidates and their staff use a variety of travel options during the campaign, depending on their needs, and commercial travel volumes increase dramatically during the campaign cycle. Thankfully, technology updates have allowed for new opportunities to effectively manage one of the most multifaceted types of corporate travel management.

Following are ten complexities to presidential campaign travel management and suggested solutions that can also be applied to your business. During this election, consider how candidates manage this sizeable line item, and whether it’s an example of how they would manage our government's budget. 

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How Much Can be Saved by Using a Travel Management Company?

Posted by Mike MacNair on Aug 14, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Businesses are always looking for ways to save money, but when travel is an important part of your company’s success, expenses can skyrocket. The travel and entertainment (T&E) line item not only takes a toll on your bottom line, but for employees to book their travel, reconcile credit card reports, and other travel-related follow-up takes away valuable time from their day-to-day job responsibilities.

Enter a travel management company – a great solution, right? Travel management companies (TMCs) are able to take over the responsibility of booking and managing your overal travel management process, but are they really saving you money? Are they making an impact on the bottom line? The answer is, "Yes."'

Read this whitepaper to learn how a Travel Management Company differs from a  Travel Agency by delivering the most value to your company. 

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7 Key Considerations for Finding the Right TMC

Posted by Mike MacNair on Jun 26, 2015 1:00:00 PM

In this age of DIY everything, partnering with a travel management company (TMC) doesn’t seem to fit from the perspective of some travelers – particularly Millennials. However, for business owners and managers a focus on the procurement-driven principles takes the concept of managing a trip to managing travel and entertainment - the line item. For many organizations, the TMC is a foundational element in the process that supports the travel department, meetings department, human resources, finance, legal, IT, security, and many other people or departments.

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Sailing the 7 C's - Understanding 7 Imperatives for Government Contractor Travel Management

Posted by Greg Altieri on Apr 29, 2015 4:06:00 PM

There is no single market better suited for a well-managed travel program than the government contracting arena. The reasons are many, but I want to focus on the top four “must haves” and then offer three more that are worthy of consideration.  All point to the need for government contractors to have a strong travel management program and a trusted partner to provide the leadership and administration to drive success.

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A Travel Management Company & Travel Agency Are NOT the Same Thing

Posted by Mike MacNair on Apr 24, 2014 2:35:00 PM

At times the challenge with introducing a new travel procurement program is that your staff can think that you have just hired a travel agency to help them with travel. First of all, many don’t think they need help booking their trip. Secondly, they have no idea what a Travel Management Company does versus a travel agency. 

So let’s start with not needing help making their travel arrangements. Quality TMCs have both online and call in systems to make easy and complex reservations however the traveler sees fit 24/7 in a managed environment. They also have teams to construct complex muti-leg international itineraries or even change/support reservations when schedules change or weather disrupts the industry. So at one point every traveler is going to need some help to get out of a jam and/or save time. When we say a managed environment we mean that the resulting reservation will make the traveler and the company who is purchasing the trip as happy as possible based on some defined policies, procedures and systemic expectations.

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