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The Right Approach to Reducing Travel Spend by 10-20%

Posted by Mike MacNair on Sep 13, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Many Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) believe the most advantageous way to reduce corporate travel cost is to eliminate Travel Management Company (TMC) fees, but cutting TMC fees is a short- sighted approach when it comes to saving money on corporate travel expenses.

A forward-looking approach is to implement a strategy that takes advantage of the significant value TMCs provide organizations. A TMC can leverage exceptional high-volume discounts unavailable to the traveler, while establishing and enforcing policies and procedures to help facilitate preferred supplier agreements. A TMC should introduce automated pre-trip authorization processes and reduce the number of rogue travelers within an organization.

An experienced TMC can save SMEs up to twenty percent in additional savings on corporate travel spend each year while supporting travel policies that improve traveler productivity. This article discusses key areas SMEs should focus on in order to reduce corporate travel costs, far more than the minimal savings that would be realized by cutting out a TMCs’ booking fees.

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