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Is Your Travel Agency Holding You Back? How to Slay Travel Anarchy

Posted by Mike MacNair on Mar 24, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Travel Anarchy™ is alive and well in businesses, and with corporate travel increasing, it’s critical for SME’s to destroy travel anarchy in their organization before it gets out of control.

Travel anarchy is the organizational phenomenon where travelers are in charge of their travel choices according to their desires and experience, as opposed to travel being managed through a series of clear instructions on preferred suppliers, cost savings thresholds, and agreed-upon policies and procedures.

When travel anarchy exists in an organization, the true value of travel management cannot be realized, resulting in an increase in travel and entertainment expenses (already considered the 2nd highest controllable cost within an organization); increased risk for travel complication and liability; and a lack of control in a truly managed travel environment.

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