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How to Navigate Complex Supplier Pricing

Posted by Mike MacNair on Apr 5, 2016 12:00:00 PM

The corporate travel supplier relationship is an essential piece of your business’ corporate travel management program. Without their expertise and knowledge of travel options and best practices, your travel program would be in chaos, creating increased travel anarchy and wasted productivity from travelling employees working to book travel without proper guidance.

Increases in hotel and airfare rates, combined with additional ancillary fees sometimes “hidden” within the supplier’s overall travel costs, presents a challenge for your organization’s finance department and procurement specialists. The negotiation and management of the corporate supplier relationship is complex; yet taking the time to learn about the options available for your business travelers will decrease travel spend, increase overall travel compliance and provide predictability in managing the ever-changing travel and entertainment (T&E) line item within your business.

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Topics: T&E, Fare and Fee