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[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Build a Successful RFP for Travel Services

Posted by Mike MacNair on Dec 15, 2016 12:00:00 PM

The RFPs that come across our desks are often template-based and describe common program objectives such as: save money, enhance productivity, improve control, increase online adoption, automate reporting, etc. The average RFP fails to address the specific steps the organization needs to take to achieve each objective. In addition, most organizations going out to RFP don’t know the underlying contributing factors to their program’s main challenges, so they struggle to define the solution they seek from a TMC. If you don’t know what your problem is, how can you expect to solve it?

We have come to understand the common challenges most SMEs, Associations, Government Contractors, and NGOs face in the travel management procurement process. As an aide, we have designed a visual representation of where to begin as you define your travel program goals and desired results.

While not all-inclusive, this quick snapshot will be a valuable tool when you begin to review travel management company prospects. Armed with the right questions and information, we believe this process will bring clarity and focus to your travel program objectives. And as a result, you will find the travel management partner best suited for your organization.


MacNair RFP Infographic.png


Knowledge is power. When you know what you are looking for, you will know the right questions to ask. Before seeking a Travel Management Company, highlight the areas in the infographic vital to the success of your travel program. Once the desired goals and expected results have been defined, the path to identifying the best-suited travel management partner for you will be clear. Be sure to download our RFP workbook for step-by-step directions and more in-depth information about managed travel procurement.

What is next? After downloading the workbook, your next step should be to talk with peers and ask for Travel Management Company (TMC) recommendations. Then, invite some TMCs in for an informal Q&A and ask them to deliver a proposal. Listen to questions and answers from prospective TMCs to see which one stands out from the others. Most likely, this will be the TMC that can craft the right solution to meet your program goals and objectives.

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