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Improve T&E Program Compliance with These 3 Program Communication Tips

Posted by Mike MacNair on Jul 2, 2014 1:39:00 PM

TMC_complianceGetting everyone on board with your Travel and Entertainment (T & E) program can be a challenge. I have found that these three tips make compliance improve significantly.

  1. Request compliance with your T&E system not just your suppliers. I often hear at kick off meetings for new customers that the company will be requiring everyone to use their new agency - MacNair Travel. While that may be true, aren’t you asking them to commit to the system that you selected to manage this significant line item with your TMC as one fulfilling supplier of this process? You want them to follow your T&E policies, your procedures for booking and filing travel expenses, preferred supplier agreements, security and more. And your TMC is here to help direct some of these items and support them. The process has many pieces that you have carefully selected. Sell your process. Maybe even name it.

  2. Make sure T AND E are addressed in your policies and procedures for everyone to understand. Seeing the big picture of the procurement ecosystem that you want them to comply with to manage this big line item makes for a bigger case for following this generally accepted procurement process. 

  3. Explain what is in it for the company and them. They haven’t heard the case for procuring versus simply buying travel. Explain it to them. Travel management is the ying and yang of making sure the company and the travelers are as happy as they can be together. A win-win. Win-lose scenarios never work out. So what are you looking to accomplish, what are the numbers behind it, how have you determined it will deliver an ROI. Then update this at least once a year with data from the TMC.  

I hope this helps rejuvenate you on the opportunities and inspires you to relaunch with better results. This is the right thing to do.

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