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25 Transformations in 25 Years: Local Association Needs an Online Travel Solution for Staff and Non Staff Travelers.

Posted by Mike MacNair on Sep 4, 2014 2:22:00 PM

online_bookingA local association customer of MacNair’s needed reporting, itineraries, and traveler information for both staff and repeat travelers (profiled) and one time travelers (non-profiled) who were booking travel on their online booking site. The association wanted to be able to put all travelers booking within their site (including the non-profiled) on their corporate card. Meeting planners needed to get all travelers on board with using MacNair and improve their online adoption. As a result, we created two separate travel sites – both paid for by the association - one for profiled and one for non-profiled travelers. On the profiled site, travelers’ data would get saved. For the non-profiled the traveler would be responsible for inputting their TSA information at the time of booking. A meeting link was setup for each individual site and the meeting planner was able to receive a copy of itineraries and reports for both groups.

As a result, the Meeting planners had the ability to track all travelers (profiled and non-profiled) and would receive itineraries on each. This enabled them to mandate the use of MacNair Travel for everyone and online adoption jumped up to 89%, reducing fees while policies and procedures were enforced with quality booking data and trends that reduced ticket costs by 18%.